Challenging 2-player dice game based on the Knucklebones minigame from the videogame Cult of the Lamb by Massive Monster.

This game was made by Deinol and Soimiru for the Brackeys Game Jam 2022.2. We hope you like it!

How to play:

  • Game is played using only mouse
  • Playes takes turn to roll a dice and place it on their side of the board. 
  • When a player places a dice on their board, they will get the number on the dice as amount of points. 
  • Having more than one dice with the same number in the same column in the board will multiply the value of the dice for how many times that number is repeated (For instance, if a player has 3 dices on a column, which a 4 on each, that column score is worth 36 points)
  • If a dice is placed on a column, it will remove the dices with the same number on the same column of the opponent board.
  • The game ends when one of both sides of the board is full.

Extra credits: 

  • Music:
    • Modular Ambient 01 by ZenMan from Pixabay
    • Modular Ambient 03 by ZenMan from Pixabay


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Love the game. Little roblem: Blue player isn't evaluated at the end of the game as game already ends when red player's board is full.

Thank you!

The condition for the end of the game is when one player fills up their side of the board with dice. That means it's possible for someone to end the game by placing their last die and lose because they have a lower score than their opponent.

Oh ok. I didn't know it was intended.